Before I begin writing anything else and before I

discuss with you my story of my first nude beach encounter, I think that I need to say a few things about the girlfriends I went with. These are my three best girlfriends that I have understood for a long time, ever since we started first grade. We stayed great girlfriends all these years and every year (when we can afford it), we go for a vacation down to Mexico and check out a brand new place every year. It has been our little tradition for a few years now and we have had some crazy times south of the border. However, this last year was really something else. It was the first time we went to a nudist beach and I just need to discuss our experience.
We initially believed that it would merely be another one of our trips, all four of us were really psyched to go and we really wanted the vacation. Moreover, we chose to go someplace where we could really kick back and relax without needing to party all night long. We decided on a location called Riviera Maya that is just south of Cancun, but in addition just south enough to avoid all of the crowds that plague Cancun. When we got there, it absolutely was like paradise. Well, it was one of these spots. I really could recommend it to virtually everyone.
And for a couple of days, everything was going as intended. We were relaxing on the beaches entire day long, went out for a couple of drinks in the evenings and we were, if we’re honest, being a dull group. In fact, it was getting a bit too tedious.

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I mean we were still in our 20ies and however exhausted you get over the course of the year, you do need some pleasure when you go on a vacation. That’s when one of my girlfriends, Tyra, said that there’s a beach where nudists go, something of a mixed seashore where it is possible to go either clothed or in the nude. was something we never attempted before and we decided that it will be a good way to spice things up a bit. We also hoped that there would be some guys there that we could check out in the nude.
The first thing that we noticed when we got to the beach is that everyone was in their swimming suits, men, girls, everyone. As it turned out, this was not the case. The nudist part of the shore was a bit down the beach and we soon started discovering more and more folks enjoying their day in the beach in the nude. There were ladies in topless, women that were totally nude and even a few extremely hot men all naked and showing off. is when it hit us we were really unsure. Or at least three of us were. I chose to give topless a go and the graphic which I sent you is merely that. Tyra in the middle, all naked and without a care in the world.
The independence is intoxicating as well as the sun feels so fantastic on the nude skin.

Love Being Nude

Several years ago after losing my wife to breast cancer and tired of sitting in my home, I made a decision to get out and try new things. I approached the notion of going to a nudist resort with caution, but the idea kept nagging at me.

I am in relatively good shape, etc., and finally determined to give it a try. Like everybody, the very first time was nerve-wracking. I paced back and forth nude in my room until getting up the nerve to go outside. It was just a few hours, and I was hooked. I like going every summer now, as regularly as I can. I find it to be the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.

A Missed Chance

It was 1947 or 48. My family drove over to the shore. The following morning Mother and Dad were discussing where to go. Dad wanted to go to Sunshine Park but Mother desired to visit Atlantic City. Finally, they decided to ask my sister and I where we wanted to go. We both decided Atlantic City.

Neither of us knew any thing about nudism and it was not mentioned. I afterwards located Sunshine and Health magazines in Dad’s underwear drawer after my sister went away to college and I inherited her job of putting away the laundry. I found the magazines interesting. I enjoyed the images!!

I began to read the magazines and found nudism interested me.

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I found a newsstand that sold nudist magazines and started to purchase them to read. At that time the law sometimes raided nudist camps so I stayed away until I was freed.

It was while I was in college that I visited my first nudist resort, Zoro Nature Park in Indiana. It was when I had become an associate of a resort in California that I recalled May’s Landing from the time my sister and I made the decision to really go to Atlantic City instead. Maybe my family would have become nudist. became a nudist, but I am the only nudist in the family.

Another narrative, when I possess the time!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
From Skinny-Dipping to Living Clothing Free

My first actual nudist encounter was in 1994 when I went to a nudist resort because I needed to go skinny-dipping like I used to at the YMCA before it went co-ed and mandatory bathing suits.

As a youngster I had been told that one did not go around bare, and while it was acceptable to change clothing in the presence of other men definitely it was not done in front of females.

My first concern was that I I was not certain how I could be comfortable nude in front of other folks for an extended period of time for no reason when I felt uneasy just being naked alone. I faced this by becoming used to going around my dwelling nude even when I didn’t need to be.

as soon as I arrived at the resort I was met by a naked man in the office who enrolled me and gave me the advice on the resort. I undressed before the tour because even though no one understood me, I wasn’t going to embarrass myself in public by appearing out of place.

My tour finished at the lake and because my reason for going there was so I could swim nude I went into the water.

After I took a brief walk by myself. As I passed other folks a grin and “Hello” was in order, the lack of clothes was of no importance.

Before going home I took a warm shower in the round building that housed the showers. As the shower and adjoining hot tub made the drying region humid, I went outside. That did it for me. I was dried by the gentle breeze as well as the warm sun. That convinced me that this was how we were supposed to be. There was nothing disgraceful about being bare.

Little did I know at that time how much I would enjoy the comfort of being bare. Since that visit I have joined other nudist organizations and attended plenty of nudist events. I have been on several nude cruises and now live in a clothes optional community where I can be nude all the time except when it’s too cold or I’m going into town.

Now, for me, being nude is my lifestyle.

-George W.
Paw Paw, West Virginia
First Nudist Experience

After moving to Florida the preceding year I started hunting the Internet for nudist places and found there were several about 70 miles away. I always liked to attempt it and and didn’t know if I ‘d the nerve. It was not long before all my fears were gone. It felt so great to enter the pool and sunbathe with no bathing suit.

I met another couple that was there for the very first time and everyone was so friendly. No one cares what your body looks like, it is merely a comfortable feeling.

Now I’m a regular at Lake Como, can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can head down there again. I also took part in the Skinny-Dip last summer at Lake Como and had a blast. When you go nude it’s very hard to need to wear a bathing suit at a public beach or pool. There’s nothing like the naked lifestyle!

-Tom B.
The Villages, Florida
A Model Nudist, Part Two

I eventually modeled for the standard figure drawing course during the spring session. Alas, the young lady who’d introduced me to this new profession never saw me model. The figure drawing course was little, only five students, and I got quite comfortable posing for them. Toward the end of the term, the teacher asked me to model for her general drawing course. I concurred, and I was somewhat shocked when I showed up for it. The room was packed. I went ahead and took everything away and got on the model stand. The class went great, and by the time it absolutely was over, I didn’t desire to get dressed. Virtually everyone was really friendly, and I wondered if the nudity was what made people open up.

I went home that summer, and by then, I’d learned to look in the classified ads of newspapers for all sorts of things. After my modeling experience, I needed to go and experience this. As I went up the dirt road, I saw a nude girl on her knees on the ground, working in a flower garden. I went back to the car and stripped down. was not too packed, but I appreciated the pool and hot tub. A few teenagers arrived in the day, home from school. I wasn’t even 19 years old at the time, so these were close to my age. A couple of them vanished, but two girls returned, nude, and went swimming. It was such a liberating experience to be naked and free around other people, particularly folks of the opposite sex, and not feel any angst or anxiety.

as soon as I went back to the Ponderosa, it was on a Saturday, and there were many more folks there. I remained for the weekly dance, and located a liberty that I ‘d never felt. I still hate to dance with clothing on. During every excursion, I hated to put clothing on and leave. And I despised the arrival of cold weather.

I am 44 years old now and very active in my church. I still model sometimes, and I still want to escape to a nudist resort whenever I can. I’m lucky to really have a wife who appreciates nudism with me, plus our children have taken to it as well. I really don’t ever envision a time when I could ever stop loving naked diversion.

-Dan H.
Fort Worth, Texas

I think the most awkward one happened shortly after we were married. lived nearby, and would regularly call in unannounced. while I was working bare in the backyard my father-in-law walked around the corner of your home, and was right near me before either of us had the opportunity to avert the circumstances. stopped shovelling and attempted to stand “strategically” whilst carrying on a marginally aawkward dialogue for several minutes.

url went indoors to see my wife (his daughter).

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Visit our site (wife and I) laughed about it later, but it was never spoken of between me and FiL!

What’s the most courageous thing Ive done naked? Well, thats a long narrative

, but at the same time it’s really interesting and a little bit nasty. Obviously, we’re young and nastiness is a part of youthful ages of everyone. So let me tell you my story. Im sure you will like it! It was winter and it was especially cold at that point. Lots of snow and cold weather have only raised the degree of my spoiled mood. Few weeks were left till the Brand New Year however I was far from having a New Year mood. Tremendous quantity of final year exams and sessions in my personal university were only blowing my mind. I was feeling like leaving it all behind. And my best girlfriends Annie and Eve have proposed a very good alternative to this irritating problem. They told me to wait till all examinations will be over and then I’ll get a quite fascinating and good surprise for the New Year, but I couldnt imagine that it would be nudiest pics. I felt quite inspired and didnt notice as all assessments have eventually passed and then the time for the surprise has come!
I was anticipating anything, but not this. Could you envision that? They’ve given me a flight ticket as a present! I was on the seventh sky of happiness. It was a trip to some exotic islands in Thailand. And quite soon we were all sitting in the airplane that was flying high in the sky over our fatherland. We all were so excited that didnt find as the time has passed and after some time we have eventually landed.
Sudden change of climate was kind of surprising, but we’ve readily accommodated to that hot and mild climate and couldnt believe that it can be hot in winter. But that was by far not the last of all of the surprises. The following thing that Ive seen after arriving to our resort was the nudist beach. I’ve never anticipated to see so many naked bodies around me. To be honest Ive seen nude beach teen , but I could never consider to something like that in reality! Hundreds and even tens of thousands of bare bodies walking around methats what implementation of your dreams really means. However, in order to be taken at this seashore I needed to remove my clothing, but I wasnt going to do that. And then Eve grabbed me from behind while started taking off white panties from my body. I havent discovered as my bra has felt down. I needed to oppose them, but everything has occurred so fast that I didnt manage to stay on the safe side. Nonetheless I couldnt even imagine that all this outrageous action was filmed by one of nudists. He has taken nudiest pics of me and when I was absolutely naked he came up to me and revealed all those nudiest pics. I was embarrassed twice at exactly the same time! Could you believe in that? But that was not the end of the storyline. No way! But I was walking around and checking out body amenities of all those mighty studs and hot women. Obviously, my attention was directed towards guys mostly. I couldnt even envision what is going to happen next!
All this time my girlfriends were holding another plan for me. After some time they’ve proposed me to upload all those nudiest pics in my Facebook accounts! There is no way I would do that! But they were insisting and told me that if I agree, then they will make another surprise to me! I wasnt thinking about that, but what the hell! I was naked already! Moreover that my body is nice, alluring and springy. Dont consider me immodest. Im telling what I understand. But we are young and we have to enjoy our life to the max! I concurred and then the time to get another surprise has come! So I shut my eyes and when I opened them, then I found out a good-looking guy with a brawny buff body standing by me. The reality that he was naked just increased the total level of my excitement! It was the most astounding surprise in my life. He was a fitness instructor at some local fitness club and he needed to get acquainted with me since the first moment when we stepped on this nudist beach.

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We have readily found a standard language and by the end of the day we were really close to every other. But it was an unforgettable reward for my braveness. I’ve done the bravest thing naked and have uploaded my nudiest pics in my personal profile. And to be honest I wasnt ashamed of that at all! Moreover after that a great deal of my friends have checked my profile and I have gotten lots of positive remarks about my deed and they were respecting of my courage and also the beauty of my body as well. Besides that with the aid of my nudiest pics I have managed to discover lots of admirers. So with the help of that nudist excursion I have been able to change my life to a better side and I’ve given a guarantee that I will see those exotic Thai isles again!

My reasons for desiring to hang out with naturists were not entirely pure.

If I’m being fair they weren’t in any way pure. I mean, what man would not be? If I Had been acclimatised to seeing nudity from the age 0 upwards it’d have been different. I was a late beginner so it was really going to be challenging at first, if you catch my drift.
Im going to start off by giving some background information to you all. My name is Justin! I live in the midlands (thats a spot in the UK) somewhere around the center. We are an incredibly healthy family compared to everyone else I know. Mum cooks everything from scratch so it never comes out of a packet. Quite a healthy bunch, dont you believe? Im 16 years old, Lisa is 12, Hannah is 18 and mum and dad are early.
Now for all the nudie stuff. It was mum and father that started us all off as naturists/ /nudies/loonies/whatever. Two summers ago they said about us all going on a nudie vacation. They said it’d be OK because we would be going to France. Nobody will know you there therefore no need to be bashful, mum said. Um, nobody apart from all you lot, I responded. I dont know how they thought being in France would allow it to be easier getting my fishing gear outside in front of them all! Lisa and Hannah were up for it with no worries. That I didnt anticipate. It wasnt like we had ever seen each others bodies before and I couldnt believe they said yes and not make any bother. I think getting my kit off was more distressing to me because my body was not the best on the planet. In fact its quite crummy. They dont have an ounce of fat between them but I ‘ve loads to save. Mum and dad went on about how much fun it’d be. Hannah was saying it would do us all great to be less body aware. She even confessed to walking round the house starkers when she was alone.
It took about an hour for the penny to drop. There was me, scared about all of the ladies at the naturist resort looking at my body that I’d overlooked an important fact. If they could see my body it meant I could see theirs also! I was 14 at the time and constantly on the look out for any female flesh to ogle. Dad and me had a talk. He asked if I was possibly worried about acquiring an erection in public. Um, yeah, something such as that. He explained he was worried about that too. Now I didnt should understand that! Dads fishing gear was the last thing I wanted to think about, especially, you know, like that. I wasnt looking forward to having to look at it in any shape or form.

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Father assured me that erections dont occur at areas like that. I was convinced Id be the first and make the Guinness book of records or something. There clearly was no way I was really going to be besieged by hundreds of nude women and not get challenging!
I told my buddies we were going on a nudie holiday. They all staggered about laughing when I told them. I told them I wouldnt be getting my kit off. That made it all right with them. Once I said that they called me a lucky b****r for getting to see all that free flesh. It took at least 5 seconds for the penny to drop with them. All of them had a thing for Hannah and it came to the attention of one of them shed be drifting around starkers also. They understood I hadnt seen her nude before. I had been asked that loads of times before by them. As far as they were concerned getting to see her naked was going to be my biggest treat. I hadnt thought about either of my sisters like that before. Not pervy or anything. You cant help wondering about things like that. They have to have been wondering about how I looked down there too.
I wasnt expecting to see nude people as soon as we got in the gates. The first women I saw were nothing to take a look at. It wasnt like I was anticipating. I went with dad to the reception and got our keys. Our apartment was tiny with barely enough room to swing a kitten. I inquired when we should get naked and dad said whenever we enjoyed. Hannah was the first to get hers off almost as soon as father said it was up to us. She was like oh, any time we like? How about now then? and bang, she’d unbuttoned her shirt, dropped her skirt, whipped off her knickers and was starkers. Mum and dad went next and I made sure I wasnt last and get my kit off before Lisa. It ended up like a race. Even if she was my sister she had bits that I needed to look at. When you havent seen a girls touches before (like I hadnt) then you cant help looking.
I stayed in the flat until they all left. They all went exploring. I wanted to investigate on my own. They’d a 10 minute head start then I went out. Down at the pool I saw some really cute girls. There was one girl about my age which was amazing looking. Amazing body and adorable face. I sat and watched her playing around in the water with several other girls and they were pleasant to look at as well. When she came out the water I got a grin from her. She was incredible. I hung around the observing them all mess around together. I was really going to love this holiday I considered to myself. That night back at the flat we had dinner together all in the nude. That was freaky and strange. Afterwards we went for a walk together and that was fine. I was becoming used to my nudity already. Back at the flat we sat around discussing. We all talked about how we felt that day. We all said we enjoyed it. It was still odd being all together and plainer and items. It wasnt feeling normal yet. It was only one day thus was going to be strange feeling. I wasnt much interested in looking at Hannahs touches any more so my brain was getting used to all of the flesh. We all slept naked and the next morning Hannah, Lisa and me went down to the pool for a swim.
The really cute girl was there again. This time I didnt stare at her anywhere near as much. I looked because she seemed adorable but the nudity but wasnt that exciting to me any more. When you see folks naked all of the time you get used to it. Even after merely a day you get bored with it. as soon as I looked at her now it was like I would any girl with clothes on or a bikini. Hannah got talking to some of the girls and that meant it was easier for me to. We got friendly with some of them and hung out a lot of the day. She told me all about her family and that she’d been a naturist all of her life. Really trendy. We hung around together and lot and got to be pals and swapped emails. For the rest of the time there we did largely the same things. Swimming a lot, eating, playing games on the beach, going to the shops. By the end of the vacation my tan was looking good. When we needed to leave I didnt want to put clothing on again. None of us needed to. On the way home we were all talking about the vacation saying how fantastic it was. We all said we wouldnt wear clothes at home as much.
All my partners needed to hear about the vacation. They thought it was well exciting when I said about all the naked girls I saw and were dead jealous when I told them about playing volleyball and messing around in the pool with them. All I was doing was telling them in regards to the holiday. It was like nothing special by the time that I left. Having them ask me all those questions made me see what I was like before the holiday and only needing to see naked girls. When you see naked girls all day every day it gets dull. Its way more exciting seeing girls in clothes. All the time at home now we go naked. I dont think of it any more. So what, were nude? I think everyone should go on a naturist vacation as you get to discover nudity its no big deal. We’re merely flesh and bones and just because some bits are various shapes it doesnt mean we ought to get all worked up over them. Nudity is unsexy almost all the time and its the other things you do (like wearing great clothes) that makes the body hot. If I can shift my thoughts about nudity then anyone can.

First let me say what a great site. As a 47 y.o. man in the UK it’s fascinating to read that many

Hopefully the day when public nudity becomes more acceptable is drawing nearer!
Always being one to challenge the organization I saw nudity as an expansion of the political and social approaches I held. More folks were prepared to be bare in public as a kind of protest and I increasingly came to think of clothing as another kind of oppression. (At the time clothes was likewise a signifier of class.)
It wasn’t until I was in my twenties I ran into societal nudity. There was also no differentiation of class, there were people from many different backgrounds but no social barriers.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls

There were men and women, singles and couples, gay and straight, and you felt you could speak to anyone.
The one apparent lost was younger folks. Although there were families with young children there were no teenagers or 20’s, all the grownups were pretty much middle aged or old. Since then I spend as much time as possible nude, have become a regular beach goer, moved near the shore and organize my work so that I can be on the beach as frequently as possible (not as regularly as I Had like thanks to our climate). I’ve likewise shaved all body hair as it feels so much nicer and affords a more even tan. My best friends are naturists and I’ve met some great folks at various shores as well as on the net.
There are some favorable changes from my early days, there are more younger people from the lost at beaches these days. More non naturists seem more tolerant of naturists, and also the web has turned into a great forum to exchange thoughts.
Regrettably however it seems to be taking ages for approaches to change, there are still too many who see us as perverts or link nudity with sex. Our media still sees naturism with the same kind of “naughty postcard” picture and advertisements still uses nudity to sell products. Things are slowly changing though and it’s nice to see sites like this helping to alter attitudes. Keep up the great work. Any opinions are welcome.

I was newly married and living on the east coast not too far from the shores.

I’m fair haired and nordic and can get a sunburn in the fog. Evidently, she loved going to the seashore, and I did not. I would go to make her happy, but did not truly appreciate it, but I did enjoy looking at the lovely ladies. Nevertheless, enough was enough and even the bikini babes didn’t make it worth while. Hmmm. The sex at home was OK, but it may always be better. My fantasies were running wild, even though I had a wife who was babealicious. We’d distinct days away, so I made the decision to drive out to the nude beach on my first opportunity.
My neighbors directions were right on. I drove to the proper parking lot at the National Park and started walking in the direction of the alleged nude beach. In a couple of minutes I began to see a smattering of nude folks, and then immediately ended up in a veritable amusement park of nudity. Now all kinds of people will tell you how the nudity is no big deal and they go to these shores for the “sense of independence”. They could be telling the truth, but for me, its a resort area of eye candy.
For the first time in my life I saw it all. , slim, saggy, perky, shaved, bushy, cellulite, smooth, Brunettes, Blondes, Black women, Asians,cut, uncut, proud, and bashful. I was in paradise and I ‘d only been there for . I staked out my patch of sand and pretended to read a novel. Luckily, I’d jerked off so much in anticipation of the visit that I didn’t get a hardon. However, I saw at least one man that was proudly parading along the seashore with a raging boner. The next day I went back. I had masturbation memories to last a life just from those two visits.
A few weeks after my wife suggested that we visit the shore. I explained to her that since I burn so readily that it really needed to be worth my while to go out into the sun, but that I ‘d be willing to visit a nude beach. This did not go over well, especially when I said that I was to the nude beach 3 times in the last two weeks. She finally realized that I was serious, but she would only go to a nudist place where there was little, if no, chance that anyone that she knew would see her.
I did my research and located a location called Goodland Country Club in western New Jersey. It was in the woods and had a large pool, sauna, cabins, snack bar, etc., and they allowed day visitors. We drove out there on our next shared day off. As soon as we got to the parking lot nonetheless, most folks were naked. I began to strip down as soon as I got out of the car. Joan was a little bashful, but as soon as I explained that she’d attract more attention clothed than naked, she too stripped down. Joan had dark and curly long hair, a healthy body, small breasts with large nipples, and also a neatly trimmed patch.
We quickly found some free lounge chairs and staked out our small plot of grassy heaven. With this time I’d become rather adept at pretending I was reading, or asleep, as I appreciated the ever changing scene. Of course I needed to walk around alot, especially whenever I wanted to take a look at a woman who needed further discreet appreciation. It was on this day which I determined that the typically “perfect” women were really drilling, when you take their clothes off they all look the same. I began to realize that in my eyes the beauty was in the girl who had a slight sag here, or a tuck or wrinkle there.
Some of my fondest memories was seeing a middle aged woman read a Playgirl magazine as she unconsciously swung open and closed her legs continuously.

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Another lady who had a cottage went up to talk to a hung black gentleman as soon as he arrived at the pool. They went and disppeared into her cottage within minutes of her presenting herself to him. A wonderful young woman was sitting with her legs crossed as she talked with another lady. As I walked by them I could see her pussy lips clearly open and damp.
It was all way too much.
I went into the restroom and immediately jerked off. That settled me down until I saw the blonde with the saggy tits and perfecly shaved pussy lips. She was sitting not to far from us and would instinctively rub her arms across her nipples every couple of minutes (I afterwards had a girlfriend who’d do the identical thing when she was horny as hell [she was always horny]). We’d not gone more than a hundred yards or so on the trail once I leaned her up against a tree and greatly kissed her.
Wow! She was steaming hot. I got an immediate hardon and she was already so drenched that it slid in easily. I fucked her standing up, against a tree, in the middle of a trail. Anyone could have walked up on us, and maybe did. We were to busy to detect.
From then on we only went to this area, occasionally four weekends in a month. We consistently let a cottage, and we constantly screwed at least three times a day. It has provided years of wondeful memories.

Comical nude beach encounter

Until a few years back I never would have considered the presence of the nudist beach, then it just happened. I ‘d many prejudices, which initially have gradually tapering like ice in a glass of plain water. Like every man who doesn’t know them, I saw these locations as if they had been reserved for a particular type of folks and there was some sort of accessibility essential.
In fact they’re areas open to all, I don’t know if necessarily, but I find that the openness to all visitors is increasing with every year. Here, besides the costumes, many definitions fall to the earth to make room for just one term: Naturism. I also attended naturist beaches where the individuals also accept those who do not practice it.
However a girl friend of mine Lisa loves this shore and she said I only needed to see it and so I agreed to go. I believed that she would opt for the dressed part of the seashore. Instead she took me to the beach where practically everybody was naked.
I believed I ‘d be very embarrassed to see nude people. Actually it wasn’t just thus.
First, I discovered thus to say “fascinating” to see so many men unexpectedly naked when up until then
I had only seen the two lads with whom I ‘d some narratives. Undoubtedly a member without erection
Isn’t the best of aesthetics, however, to excite my curiosity… And then there were among the nudist teenagers of my age, and they did not seem half bad!

However, the thing that surprised me is this: I thought I would be appeared disturbed by naked guys;
I’m an extremely pretty girl with nice breasts so I turn rather some heads in the streets. And instead didn’t give me any trouble. A number of the guys looked at me with discretion perhaps expecting that I would take off my swimsuit and I discovered the visuals did not go lost on at least two of them. This type of reaction was something surprisingly enjoyable and challenging to see. In short, what I believed would be an annoying, shown anything but that.

In that small corner of paradise we went back at other times (consistent with the work commitments of my buddy). The following morning, at daybreak, I also did something that I did not think I would ever be capable.
I saw a naked man there taking his morning shower. He seemed fairly pleasant!

At first I pulled myself direct by saying: It wasn’t simple, as my eyes tended to fall always there and saw he was quite “well hung” and not completely “unperturbed”.

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I know that might seem like a trivial thing but I never anticipated that I could never do something such as this, understanding me.

In short, the circumstance in which I found myself intrigued me very much.

Additionally , I began testing and found it really fine to sunbathe topless for the awareness of independence that it gave me. Definitely, in this sense the behavior of others on the nude beach helped a lot. Despite some occasional glimpses, the nudists were all very well bred. Someone would glance at me from time to time, yes, but acted the same as a maniac. wasn’t very different from the specific situation in the streets of the city and very reassuring for that matter. I believe I ‘m on my way to the phase 2 of nudism that is sunbathing entirely nude, but I also believe that it’ll take some time.

all concur they have the right to be naked at suitable times and locations, whether in

To date, engagement in social nudism seems to have attracted more men afterward
Girls as measured by most surveys concerning societal nudity. Generally, naked guys
Now outnumber nude women on clothing optional beaches, and, as previously said
in the 2000NEF/Roper Survey conducted by the Naturist Education Society, the acceptance for
In fact, the only time the guy to

woman ratio is approximately 1:1, is in private nudist clubs or resorts, due to debate
balancing policies enforced by these facilities. According to Charles Daney, in his post
Women’s Issues with Nudity, there are various reasons for this gender imbalance. One of

the greatest deterrents is that women, as opposed to guys, often have more dilemmas
Our society puts tremendous emphasis on physical appearances
stressing slim, perfectly sculptured bodies, when in fact, very few individuals come close to
Meeting this profile. Adolescents are the most impressionable, as Lee Baxandall pointed out in
her interview with USA TODAY’s Gregg Zagora, young adults are the least likely to
partake in social nudism because of their low levels of body acceptance.

The media

(magazines, TV, movies etc.), which are mainly responsible for stereotyping this image,
It’s often said that as men get old and reveal signs of aging, they
become more distinguished; yet, as women start to show signs of aging, they become
less physically desirable.
Ads introducing awesome anti-aging products. Even the fresh Reality TV shows such
as Joe Millionaire, Married by America, and Are You Popular, attribute alluring males and
females. What’s most astonishing though pertains to the show, Are You Hot?, whereby
contestants are clad in bathing suits and are judged on there looks, physical structures, and sex
appeal. Is it any wonder why males in addition to females have difficulty accepting their
Body image is an ever growing concern among Americans, particularly teenagers. A
recent article in Present Well-Being, implies that most teenage girls consider the perfect body as
tall, slim, and Last week I took advantage of the wonderful . Males are being swayed by the media by emphasizing a tall,
Slender, and muscular appearance. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, only

about 2 percent of girls have bodies as thin as models in magazines. What most folks,
Particularly teenagers, fail to comprehend is that versions have the luxury of working out with
Keep their appearances. Also computer artists can air brush their images to erase flaws
and enhance their images. In reality, most models aren’t the physical attractiveness magazines
Show. Also, teenagers are being subjected to unrealistic ideals, leading to less
Poor body image normally results in lower self esteem which
can cause personal relationships with others to endure.

A significant issue is that adolescents

become obsessed about how they appear instead of setting goals for themselves. Often times
Teens feel the need to compete with others instead of developing strong relationships.
Although the media exaggerates the way women and men should look, the people doesn’t
have to buy into their unrealistic standards of beauty. Anyone can become an activist by
writing to companies expressing their worries in addition to likes and dislikes about an
Ad. For example, compliments should be given to businesses who use typical looking
models inside their advertising. On the other hand, criticisms should be sent to advertisers
“glorifYing thinness.” 1
As mentioned before, the Naturist’s philosophy is that of self respect and body
Recognition. Thus, if social nudism were more widespread, it would give people a
chance to see for themselves that most folks don’t have perfect bodies and possibly learn
to be more accepting of their own.
Another deterrent for women participating in social nudism is the anxiety for their physical
safety, specifically of being raped. Daney points out in his post that there’s no evidence to

suggest women are in greater danger of being raped in naked social environments such as
With regard to rape, the
Biggest risk factor for women is, being alone, regardless of where she is. Therefore since rapes
are a crime of First let me say what a great website. As a 47 y.o. guy in the UK it’s fascinating to read that many , women are often motivated to travel in pairs or groups.
Rapists are mad violent people. It’s improbable that they would subject themselves to the
Nice, quiet, and relaxing lifestyle of social nudism. For women who’d like to
engage in public nudity but are apprehensive because of concern for their physical safety, one

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Never thought about it before but when we read this my wife and I started to think about it and we

recognized that we do do it quite frequently. The past time was 2 weeks ago. We were in Las Vegas and went for a drive to The Dam. Went past it and went for a drive out past it. We went to that little conservation area on the right that you need to drive a couple of miles also. It was left and hot . I had my top of in a minute as did my wife as we took a fast walk. We got back into the car and headed back to the highway. Once we were in the car my wife slid her skirt down and rode nude. She wanted me to do the same but I said I would wait till we got back to the hiway in case it absolutely was active. Got ot the hiway and there was only a few cars so off came my shorts. We turned into the Lake Mead conservation area and took the gravel road all the method to the end , both trails. We stopped many times for some photo ops. and to put sun screen on. That was amazing fun. This pick-up came out of nowhere before we could get clothes on or back to the vehicle so we just grinned and waved. It turned out to be a young couple on their honeymoon and when they saw us naked they quit and wanted to understand whether there was nude beach down there and we said yes it was when we were there. They looked be entirely unconcerned that we were naked. I told them that there was no one down there and they could get nude now if they needed to. Made a bit more small talk and then walked to our car. I looked back at them as I got into our car and I could see them getting naked additionally. That’s the very first time we have ever got caught . It was getting dark as we got back to the hiway and absolutely forgot about the check point before the dam. Hardly got my shorts on and wifey only got her top on and got her skirt on her lap as we got to it. They simply waved us thru without even looking at us, we were going to drive all the way back to the resort nakedand as it turned out we likely could have. We eventually finished getting dressed in the parking garage in .

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That was the only nude driving we did there and got a very good burn additionally, but it was worth it. So much more to tell maybe another time

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