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    theSandfly Public Beach Espectacular

    This was from our last little trip away for the summer. The warm sun by the rivers edge felt so good on my skin. Where has that warm sunny weather gone???? Come and check out all the rest of these on my site. Huggs and kisses to everyone!!

    July 2018 6:38:16

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    Laura Beach Nude Party Costa Rica Girl

    Sometimes I am just out at a bar when I get a good feeling about a girl, that they would like to take a few pictures. I have always wanted to get a good bathroom series, but no luck yet. Will definitely let you know.

    July 2018 12:49:38

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    Girls show nice asses in beach

    Hi everyone...a few pictures that we took in a hotel a few weeks back. Thank you for all the nice comments on our last contri! As for all the bashing, it's kinda sad but to each his own. We're just trying to have some fun...xo - Katia

    July 2018 3:6:25


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