Love Being Nude

Several years ago after losing my wife to breast cancer and tired of sitting in my home, I made a decision to get out and try new things. I approached the notion of going to a nudist resort with caution, but the idea kept nagging at me.

I am in relatively good shape, etc., and finally determined to give it a try. Like everybody, the very first time was nerve-wracking. I paced back and forth nude in my room until getting up the nerve to go outside. It was just a few hours, and I was hooked. I like going every summer now, as regularly as I can. I find it to be the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.

A Missed Chance

It was 1947 or 48. My family drove over to the shore. The following morning Mother and Dad were discussing where to go. Dad wanted to go to Sunshine Park but Mother desired to visit Atlantic City. Finally, they decided to ask my sister and I where we wanted to go. We both decided Atlantic City.

Neither of us knew any thing about nudism and it was not mentioned. I afterwards located Sunshine and Health magazines in Dad’s underwear drawer after my sister went away to college and I inherited her job of putting away the laundry. I found the magazines interesting. I enjoyed the images!!

I began to read the magazines and found nudism interested me.

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I found a newsstand that sold nudist magazines and started to purchase them to read. At that time the law sometimes raided nudist camps so I stayed away until I was freed.

It was while I was in college that I visited my first nudist resort, Zoro Nature Park in Indiana. It was when I had become an associate of a resort in California that I recalled May’s Landing from the time my sister and I made the decision to really go to Atlantic City instead. Maybe my family would have become nudist. became a nudist, but I am the only nudist in the family.

Another narrative, when I possess the time!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
From Skinny-Dipping to Living Clothing Free

My first actual nudist encounter was in 1994 when I went to a nudist resort because I needed to go skinny-dipping like I used to at the YMCA before it went co-ed and mandatory bathing suits.

As a youngster I had been told that one did not go around bare, and while it was acceptable to change clothing in the presence of other men definitely it was not done in front of females.

My first concern was that I I was not certain how I could be comfortable nude in front of other folks for an extended period of time for no reason when I felt uneasy just being naked alone. I faced this by becoming used to going around my dwelling nude even when I didn’t need to be.

as soon as I arrived at the resort I was met by a naked man in the office who enrolled me and gave me the advice on the resort. I undressed before the tour because even though no one understood me, I wasn’t going to embarrass myself in public by appearing out of place.

My tour finished at the lake and because my reason for going there was so I could swim nude I went into the water.

After I took a brief walk by myself. As I passed other folks a grin and “Hello” was in order, the lack of clothes was of no importance.

Before going home I took a warm shower in the round building that housed the showers. As the shower and adjoining hot tub made the drying region humid, I went outside. That did it for me. I was dried by the gentle breeze as well as the warm sun. That convinced me that this was how we were supposed to be. There was nothing disgraceful about being bare.

Little did I know at that time how much I would enjoy the comfort of being bare. Since that visit I have joined other nudist organizations and attended plenty of nudist events. I have been on several nude cruises and now live in a clothes optional community where I can be nude all the time except when it’s too cold or I’m going into town.

Now, for me, being nude is my lifestyle.

-George W.
Paw Paw, West Virginia
First Nudist Experience

After moving to Florida the preceding year I started hunting the Internet for nudist places and found there were several about 70 miles away. I always liked to attempt it and and didn’t know if I ‘d the nerve. It was not long before all my fears were gone. It felt so great to enter the pool and sunbathe with no bathing suit.

I met another couple that was there for the very first time and everyone was so friendly. No one cares what your body looks like, it is merely a comfortable feeling.

Now I’m a regular at Lake Como, can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can head down there again. I also took part in the Skinny-Dip last summer at Lake Como and had a blast. When you go nude it’s very hard to need to wear a bathing suit at a public beach or pool. There’s nothing like the naked lifestyle!

-Tom B.
The Villages, Florida
A Model Nudist, Part Two

I eventually modeled for the standard figure drawing course during the spring session. Alas, the young lady who’d introduced me to this new profession never saw me model. The figure drawing course was little, only five students, and I got quite comfortable posing for them. Toward the end of the term, the teacher asked me to model for her general drawing course. I concurred, and I was somewhat shocked when I showed up for it. The room was packed. I went ahead and took everything away and got on the model stand. The class went great, and by the time it absolutely was over, I didn’t desire to get dressed. Virtually everyone was really friendly, and I wondered if the nudity was what made people open up.

I went home that summer, and by then, I’d learned to look in the classified ads of newspapers for all sorts of things. After my modeling experience, I needed to go and experience this. As I went up the dirt road, I saw a nude girl on her knees on the ground, working in a flower garden. I went back to the car and stripped down. was not too packed, but I appreciated the pool and hot tub. A few teenagers arrived in the day, home from school. I wasn’t even 19 years old at the time, so these were close to my age. A couple of them vanished, but two girls returned, nude, and went swimming. It was such a liberating experience to be naked and free around other people, particularly folks of the opposite sex, and not feel any angst or anxiety.

as soon as I went back to the Ponderosa, it was on a Saturday, and there were many more folks there. I remained for the weekly dance, and located a liberty that I ‘d never felt. I still hate to dance with clothing on. During every excursion, I hated to put clothing on and leave. And I despised the arrival of cold weather.

I am 44 years old now and very active in my church. I still model sometimes, and I still want to escape to a nudist resort whenever I can. I’m lucky to really have a wife who appreciates nudism with me, plus our children have taken to it as well. I really don’t ever envision a time when I could ever stop loving naked diversion.

-Dan H.
Fort Worth, Texas

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