My Bucket List

I saw the movie “The Bucket List” and it made me think of my own personal bucket list. Among the things I had always desired to do was see a bare resort. I’d swam naked in Lake Mead frequently and some other places and liked the feeling of freedom you get being nude.
I chose to locate a nearby nudist facility and visit. My wife said she wasn’t interested so I went alone to Mountaindale Sun Resort.

The host was very friendly and clarified the rules and gave me a quick tour. I could not hesitate to get undressed and join the people in the pool. I really enjoyed my visit and went back a few more times. The pool, hiking trails, watering place and property are a great spot to spend time. Being bare felt so natural I quickly embraced the theory.

My wife will not share my enthusiasm so my chances to see are reduced. My times at the nudist resort are some of the very relaxing and enjoyable recreation I’ve ever done. I am definitely happy I acted on fulfilling one of the items on my “bucket list.” I found fellow nudists to be a very friendly bunch.

-Wayde D.
Why Did We Wait So Long?

Our first experience with social nudity occurred during the Skinny Dip this year. My soon to be wife and I read about it in the AANR Bulletin. We talked about it for several days and eventually made a decision to go. She was really a bit afraid of getting naked in public. She had all the anxieties that are discussed on each of the parks’ sites.

When we arrived at Whispering Pines, we were greeted by several naked folks at the gate. They looked so at ease standing there and welcoming us to the park. They smiled and gave directions to the parking area. So away we went into the world of social nudism. We drove past lots of folks that were naked too. All of them grinned and waved like they understood you.

After we parked and got out of the vehicle, I started to take my clothing off. She looked at my like I was crazy. “Are you becoming naked right now?”

“I sure am; everyone else is so we should be also.” She started to remove her clothing as a girl pulled into the spot next to us. Robin quit and just stood there as the girl got from her car and stripped, and grabbed her towel and cooled and gave an extremely fine hello to us. I think this removed all reluctance from Robin. She removed the rest and we walked to the pool place.

That was the beginning of a brand new lifestyle for us. We’ve been back there and to The Bar S Ranch.
We have met some of the friendliest folks at both places. Now we are getting ready to join one as members.

All I can say is why did I wait so long to do this? It’s the very best type of outdoor recreation. Sun and air on the naked skin is wonderful to let life’s frustrations go away. Hate to have to pack up and go home. But like I said we will be back as frequently as possible.

-Bob & Robin L
Sanford, North Carolina
The 15 minute Challenge

We’d just bought our first RV and were looking for somewhere close to try out the new RV. A Web search of nearby RV resorts found quite few places to go that were pretty close. I found Lilly Valley in Fort Erie, Canada and thought it looked interesting.
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When my wife came home and asked if I discovered somewhere I told her there were a few that were more than 100 miles away, however there clearly was a “nuddie” resort just through the Peace Bridge.

I was astounded when her only response was “OK.”
I called and made reservations and we were on the way. About 45 minutes after we were there. Lilly Valley has a small gate and several bare men met me there and helped direct me on which way to turn to get in. By the time that I got through the gate there were six naked guys with enough metal to build their own battleship. Lilly Valley regulars were at that time into piercings.

As I started to get out of the truck to set up my wife said, “What if I can not do this?” My reply was it takes 15 minutes to set up, and another 15 minutes to take it down. If you don’t like it we will leave. That seemed reasonable to her so we unhooked the RV. Inside 15 minutes we had met a Postal Worker and his wife, a family with two children, the proprietor and lots of other folks. No one paid any attention to any parts except for the portions of the RV.

We’ve been nudists since then. We also felt the need for AANR so much we became Prime Minister members and then Life members. Now all of our trips are made around going from one nudist resort to another.

-Chales L
Buffalo, New York
First Nudist Holiday

I reserved our wedding to coincide with my birthday and did not tell my future wife that I had booked our room in Jamaica to be on the Nudist side of the resort. To say she was shocked was an understatement. I was unpacking when I heard her scream and I went to investigate and found her on the balcony laughing about some guy who she said was walking around with no clothes on. I said what do you anticipate, we’re on the nude side of the hotel?

After about 3 hrs of looking and laughing she came to terms and from then on we became nudists and have remained so ever since, and by the way we did get married with clothes on.

Land O Lakes, Florida
Cradle to Grave

My first experience may be a bit different as compared to a few other folks. My parents were nudist. I suppose, given the time frame, I was about two years old when erotic beach video had my first memory of visiting a “nudist camp.” was somewhere in the Bay Area in California. My next memory comes from sometime after we moved to Ohio (about 1954). We subsequently moved to Louisiana where there we no resorts or camps within a reasonable driving distance from our home. We did vacation at a couple of spots in Florida and Texas from about 1956 to 1964. My parents rarely bothered to get dressed throughout the home and my mother spent a least a couple of hours a day, during good weather, sun bathing in our quite big backyard. I have been married a bit more frequently that I would have enjoyed, but all of my wives have become nudist or at least participated in my nudist activities. I am an academic and one of my research areas has involved research on the effects of a nudist life style on kids (positive outcomes), and legal problems relative to use of public areas by nudist (testified in several legal actions).
I believe that one of the very most favorable outcomes of my life long experience as a naturist is that I’m very comfortable with all sorts and types of individuals. I’ve learned for the most part to just take folks as they come and they do come in all shapes and sizes.
Thus . . . my first encounter was atypical, but now 60 years after I ‘m still at it.

-Larry G.
Yuma, Arizona

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