You Meet the Nicest People When You’re Naked

I come down to the Florida Keys in March with my wife. This year I needed to come down in February but my wife didn’t want to be away from home that long so she allowed me to go by myself. Being by myself and understanding there was a clothing-optional beach nearby and it is something I have always thought about trying but knowing my wife would not approve of my mindset, I thought, “She will never know so go see what’s all about.”

So off I went, shorts, tee shirt, thong, and water shoes. The thong was my out if I could not get up the nerve to go completely nude. Once I got to the shore, and this is a little shore, I walked out in my shorts and sat down and began to think, “Are you going to do this or what?”

The amusing thing that happened was that I was sitting by this man and we started speaking (he was naked) and I felt uncomfortable and got up and walk down the shore to get away from him. Being somewhat in a secluded area I got my tee shirt off and short pants,just leaving on the thong. This nice couple came walking down the trail and saw me there and halted for few seconds and told me a little in regards to the area and where to go and not to go.

They then started down the seashore. I set back to get some sunlight when all of a sudden they reappeared and ask if they could sit down next to where I was sitting. I said OK, wondering why they came back so soon. Well this started becoming better.

There they sat nude and now having a friendly conversation with me. Soon I found they where no longer naked in front of me (they were but I just then did not see anymore) but merely a nice couple talking to a visitor. Now the bizarre thing. I got up took off my thong and was standing there totally naked in front of two strangers. I’ve never been nude in front of a women other than my wife in my life and it all looked perfectly natural.

Now I was naked and this couple appeared to say, “That wasn’t that bad was it,” got up and went on their marry way. The rest of the day I walked round the beach naked and was dreading the sun going down.

I will go back and do this again. It just looks so natural and now I’m wondering how can I convince my wife there isn’t anything incorrect about being nude with like minded people. It certainly beats garments and the nudists you meet are extremely reassuring.

Now I need to go and imagine where I’m going. Get naked or nude however do not be a prude.

Introduced Many to Nudism

Raised a strict Catholic in a time that even the word nude or naked was never allowed, I had difficulty understanding this assumption. I discovered I loved being nude very young and frequently had fantasies of being naked exterior. When old enough to sneak off alone, I experienced my first societal nude day and have never looked back.

I have introduced numerous friends to social nudity and have never had one friend have a poor experience being naked. There have been several friends that declared they’d never strip naked in public and I gave them plenty of leeway and within only a couple of minutes they’d stripped nude and found the only negative part of the day spent naked was that they had to put their clothes back on at the close of the day.

as soon as I met my husband, he had been a long time nudist and we both openly enjoy being nude whenever possible. We entertain many friends and for a while we were nude with just a few close friends and then we decided to have a clothes optional celebration in our back yard for a mix of bare and fabric friends. We have a pool and Jacuzzi and the yard is wholly private so this definitely made exciting a lot of fun. The day of the party, we’d thoughts that perhaps this was a terrible idea but too late when the first of our textile pals arrived a little early. I was wearing a sarong and my husband a male version of a sarong. My friend Michelle had a little look of disappointment as she came in and I asked if she was okay and Michelle giggled a little and said “I thought this was going to be clothing optional but you are dressed”! With that, I dropped the sarong and said come in and make yourself comfy. I offered the bedroom to change and Michelle said that was not essential and comfortably undressed and said which way to the pool. A few of our guest showed a little trepidation of stripping initially but within the first 30 minutes clothing was no longer discretionary as everyone was naked.

The evening was warm and we partied well into the morning. The majority of our guests had departed by 1AM but two other couples merely did not want to see the evening come to an end. Eventually, we offered for them to stay overnight and with one last dip in the Jacuzzi, we all went to bed.

Sunday morning, up early and headed to the kitchen to brew coffee and met Karen and Rick in the hallway. Both bare and headed to the Jacuzzi. When everyone was up, we ladies made breakfast and we all enjoyed a leisurely brunch in the nude on the patio. The day passed and no one needed the weekend to finish. We women sunbathed by the pool and the guys enjoyed football but soon joined us in the pool.

We have since continued our bashes with our new found nudist buddies and do meet at one other couples’ home when their teenagers are gone for the weekend. For those have share the standard trepidation of social nudity, I hope you will work up the guts to at least attempt it once and I’m certain you’ll be hooked for life. You’d be alarmed how a number of your friends are nudists.

Ontario, California
My first experience

26 years ago my partner and I seen the Club Med on Martinique. Our room was near the nude beach and we walked past it going to and from our room. Although we are certified in scuba, Club Med demanded a “checkout” dive in order to participate. We went for the check out our first full day there. I did not have any trouble and passed. My wife had some ear equalizing problems and had to cease the check out.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

This required her to go back the following morning. So I ‘d the morning alone. While walking from my room to the beach I halted at the nude beach. I thought that I would take a look. It really appeared odd to see so lots of folks all nude! As I stood there for a moment I recognized that I was the one standing out in my suit. I hesitated and was going to leave when I said to my self, “What the heck, go for it.” So I took my suit off. It was strange to be standing on a public beach, NAKED! The genuinely shocking part was that no one looked twice! So I grabbed a chair, spread out my towel and spent the morning reading.

As it came time for my wife to return, I put my suit on and went to meet her. I inquired how the dive went and she said fine, so we could join to go diving. She asked me what I did for the morning. I hesitated and somewhat obstructed, told her. I described the strangeness which dissolved into easiness as the morning passed. I described that there were all types of folks, young and old, fit and much from fit all relaxing on the shore. She surprised me by saying, “I believe I should try it out also.” And that is where we spent the rest of our week when not out diving.

Since then we have been to many resorts, some with nude areas and some where the resort was all nude. We attend a club near us when our schedules permit. It took some years to be comfortable telling them, but now all our close friends know how little we need to pack for vacation!

Jogging nude

My first time is the same as most, I started at home once I was about fifteen years of age. I was raised in a very typical American subdivision in Long Island, NY. I am the youngest of three, the summers morning was perfect for a fast run. I followed my daily route which took me down a fire trail next to the railroad tracks. In a secluded place the craving was really strong so I took off my shorts and tank top the cool morning air felt so wonderful against my skin; I believed it helped me run quicker. I became very comfortable with myself in a short span of time. Running naked down a wooded dirt road was interesting and incredibly intoxicating. Sadly the trail was coming to an end I began to see buildings and automobiles. My brief moment of being bare had come to an end.
as soon as I got back to my house everybody else had left for work so I stripped down and stayed naked for the rest of the day. Since then anytime I can get to a nude beach or a nudist camp, I go when I can, but nothing will match those first moments back that summer so long past.

My First Nudist Encounter

About learned the location of the sole local nude beach. It was not easy to get reliable info and I had gone on more than one wild goose chase. I told my wife I was going to check it out when I got a great opportunity. Not long after I finished work before rush hour and set out to find the shore. I managed to find parking but understood I would have to walk a great half mile. Crossing a few suburban business parking lots I came to a railroad crossing. I followed the paths as I was told I should do but I wasn’t alone. Other people were headed the same way carrying towels and or totes suitable for time in the seashore. I followed a tiny group of people when an opening using a path into the woods veered away from the tracks. With this time I discovered there was two-way traffic. All this indicated to me a well known and frequented destination was nearing. and I began hearing sounds of action, numerous voices etc. I could see ahead a widening of the trail and as I approached it I saw to my acceptance and with some surprise a lot of nude and near nude people. They were somewhat packed onto a tiny gravelly shore in the southeastern edge of a long narrow lake. On the lake there was an equally large number of nude people floating on air mattresses many linked together by holding hands or just with a hand on an adjacent air mattress. Meanwhile several people waded and swam bare. I was starting to feel overdressed and did not need to be perceived as a gawker and in a way of less than a minute I was bare. The feeling was absolutely liberating. In spite of being alone I didn’t feel conspicuous or out of place. I located a tiny patch of shore and laid out my towel. I took a little time to only detect and take everything in but soon got up and waded into the water. I knew I ‘d found an activity I would repeat.
On my way home I thought it might be unsatisfactory attempting to continue visiting the seashore as I knew my wife would not be interested. Arriving house my wife and her sister were relaxing after work and receiving dinner started. Shortly she asked me if I found it and I told her yes. She subsequently asked if I took my clothing off. I told her I did and I adored it. Her reply was “You Are weird”. Boy I ‘d an uphill battle ahead.
Well times have changed and we have been members of a landed club for many years and she is also a nudist but that is another story.

-Jim W.
Blaine, Minnesota

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