On my 4th day at Wreck beach, arriving there at 10AM,I found a good spot to lay out my towel and soak up some rays, bare of course.

A couple of hours after I could hear some female dialog near me, so I sat up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. I said; hello.

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One of them asked http://voy-zone.com how often I go to Wreck. I answered that I was from Edmonton and that this was my 4th day here. They were locals from Vancouver and this was their very first time at wreck beach. At this phase, they had gotten around to removing their tops.

Subsequently, another one asks me ‘How come not one of http://voy-zone.com get Boners?’ To which I responded ‘That hardly ever occurs on a nude beach,believe it or not’. I then questioned them ‘How do you like this location, so far? The consensus was ‘ We do not have loud mouth jerks hitting us up every 5 minutes like at the other beaches!’ At this point, all 3 removed their bottoms. I said ‘Welcome to the Club’.

At this point, I told them that I am going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. as soon as I got back to my towel, one of them remarked that the water must be cold! I am one who is quite large in the flaccid state, but the cold shrivels it up!

We chatted for a while longer, then we went our separate ways due to some younger guys that seemed to be crowding the area that were clothed in board shorts and T Shirts.(dumb).

I believe the 3 Young Ladies are HOOKED on the Nudist Lifestyle.

Focus all nudists! When you go hiking, always bring a compassand a towel!

I learned this lesson the hard way.
It was late spring in 2001 and I chose to investigate the hills over the brand new Elysium property in Malibu, California. Elysium had relocated merely a few months earlier from its 30-year home in Topanga after the daughters of its own late creator, Ed Lange, decided to sell. Betty and Sandy Meltzer, longtime Elysium Board members, had bought 27 acres of mostly undeveloped land about 20 miles to the west and relocated the nudist resort there.
The Malibu property was adjacent to what hikers know as The Backbone Trail, a 100-mile footpath that snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains and rings the Los Angeles basin. The most popular trail supplies hikers and nature lovers a magnificent approach to enjoy the region’s flora and fauna in its natural state. This kind of day was overcast, yet warm, a perfect day to really go hiking, or so I believed. I’d hiked the Malibu property and parts of the Backbone Trail many times before and never ran into anybody. Ordinarily I would wear tennis shoes as well as a baseball cap and carry a bottle of water plus a towel (just in case I ran into someone). These days, however, I wanted to be adventurous. I liked to trek without wearing or carrying anything, to be totally bare! No tennis shoes, no towel, no baseball cap, no water bottle. Nothing but the trail and me.
As I ‘d done many times before, I walked beyond the property line and onto the Backbone Trail. As I progressed on my hike, I began to see the fog rolling in from the coast. It wasn’t long before I made a decision to turn around and head back. Perhaps half an hour or so later, the fog had rolled in so that the visibility I had was no more than ten feet. After another hour or so, I realized I was walking around in circles. I didn’t understand which way was West (the ocean) and I couldn’t locate the Elysium Property. I also started to worry since the temperature regularly falls dramatically in the evenings in the hills of Malibu.
Imagine if I cant find my way back during daytime? I continued on the trail, now going in a way I simply knew was wrong. After another hour or so, I heard what sounded like farm equipment, a tractor perhaps. Subsequently a house appeared out of the fog. I thought to myself, I have two selections. If I go down the hill to the home, the people there may telephone http://videonudism.com/hot/nakedbeachsex.php . If I stay up on the trail, I may still be walking after the sun goes down and freeze. I made the choice to go down the hill toward the home.
As I continued down the hill, I saw a guy plus a female. I ceased and I yelled you-who! As the man and girl looked up and saw me I said, Im lost and I need a towel. I went on to say I’m not mad. My friends allow me to hike naked on their property.
Then I smiled. The woman said that she would get me a towel and walked to the home. The guy only looked up at me and did not say a thing.
When the woman came back with a towel as well as a tshirt, I continued my walk down the hill and toward their property. I thanked the girl as I wrapped the towel around my waist and put on the t-shirt. Then I inquired which way was the road. The girl pointed and said, Its that manner.
I’ve frequently wondered what went through the head of that woman. I suppose she could have just as easily called the cops as help me. On the other hand, living up in a remote part of the Santa Monica Mountains, Ill wager she has seen plenty of unexpected things and met lots of interesting individuals that have wandered off the Backbone Trail. I am only able to suppose what her version of the encounter is when she tells her friends about the day a nude guy came down the hill toward their home and asked for a towel and directions. On http://rudenudist.net , maybe she didn’t think it was unusual in any way. Ill never understand.

If you ever find yourself bare and lost in the mountains, just remain calm, and remember, occasionally a huge smile will cover a lot!

Funny nude beach encounter

This year onwards I started frequenting nude beaches, and I’d like to share the memorable experience of spending one of my very first nude beach days.
Until a couple of years back I never would have considered the attendance of the nudist beach, then it simply occurred. I ‘d many prejudices, which initially have gradually tapering like ice in a glass of plain water. Like any individual who doesn’t know them, I saw these areas as if they were reserved for a certain type of people and there was some kind of accessibility key.
In fact they’re spots open to all, I do not know if always, but I find that the openness to all visitors is increasing with every year. In my personal experience, I have observed only naturist beaches where people come with families or friends to spend some time feeling real close to Mother Nature. Here, besides the costumes, many definitions fall to the earth to make room for one term: Naturism. I also attended naturist beaches where the folks also accept those who don’t practice it.
I’d never been to a nude beach before this summer. However a girl friend of mine Lisa adores this seashore and she said I just had to see it and so I consented to go. I thought that she’d opt for the dressed part of the shore. Instead she took me to the seashore where almost everybody was http://beach-photos.net . At first I didnt dare to take off even the very top of my bikini, and Lisa picked for topless for starters.
I believed I ‘d be really embarrassed to see nude people. In fact it was not exactly thus.
First, I found so to say “interesting” to see so many guys unexpectedly naked when up until then
I had just seen the two boys with whom I ‘d some narratives. Definitely a member without erection
is not the best of aesthetics, nevertheless, to excite my curiosity… And then there were among the nudist teenagers of my age, and they didn’t seem half bad!

However, the thing that surprised me is this: I thought I would be seemed troubled by nude guys;
I’m a very pretty girl with nice breasts so I turn rather some heads in the roads. And instead did not give http://shockintown.com . A number of the men looked at me with discretion maybe expecting that I’d take off my swimsuit and I found that the visuals did not go lost on at least two of them. This sort of reaction was something surprisingly fun and challenging to see. Simply speaking, what I presumed would be an irritating, shown anything but that.

In that small corner of heaven we went back at other times (consistent with the work obligations of my friend). And we also spent a night there, sleeping in a tent. The following morning, at dawn, I also did something that I didn’t believe I would ever be capable.
It was around 6am, Lisa was sleeping while I took a walk to the showers. I saw a naked man there taking his morning shower. He seemed fairly nice!

At first I pulled myself directly by saying: “Get your thing done and go away, so I approached the showers holding that thought. But when I got closer to where he was he greeted me, I reciprocated and we had a great chat with him for solid twenty minutes, while I was trying as hard as I could to look down as little as possible.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

It was not simple, as my eyes tended to fall constantly there and saw he was quite “well-hung” and not entirely “unperturbed”. I know that might seem like a little thing but I never expected that I could never do something such as this, knowing me.

In summary, the circumstance in which I discovered myself intrigued me very much. Possibly because it was sort of a soft way to play with sexuality without falling into sex and vulgarity.

I also began experimenting and found it quite fine to sunbathe topless for the sense of independence that it gave me. Definitely, in this sense the behaviour of others on the nude beach helped a lot. I mean, both those who were there nude and those in the phase 1 and phase 2. Despite some occasional glances, the nudists were all very nicely bred. Someone would glance at me from time to time, yes, but no one behaved the same as a maniac. It was not very different from the specific situation in the streets of the city and very reassuring for that matter. I think I am on my way to the phase 2 of nudism that’s sunbathing completely naked, but I also think that it will take some time.

My first nude experience was when I was younger and very much by accident. I went to a beach with a lengthy coastline on the more apart end.

I didn’t see anyone around and I knew that nudism was born so I completely disrobed and placed totally exposed in the sunshine. I saw a topless woman approaching and quickly covered up – being bare outside was completely natural, being nude in front of others was not. She grinned as she walked by and I simply blushed – I was so prudish about public nudity that even seeing others in a state of undress made me uncomfortable. When she was out of site, I once again uncovered and decided I needed to go for a swim. I have been an avid swimmer, a life gaurd in fact, so I decided to swim further down the shore and come back. Swimming nude was quite liberating! I did that and went past a lot of the crowded portions of the beach. After some time the current was too strong to turn back and I realized I had only one option, to walk back on the shore.
I must say that was clearly one of the very uncomfortable moments of my own life. I walked out of the water, covering my genitals with my hands. As I came to shore, I discovered that everyone was naked and looked so natural. I still covered up, but was getting a little more comfortable with myself. Although I was quite athletic and healthy, I had always been sensitive concerning the size of my dick and all my pubic hair but when I saw people of all shapes, sizes and ages I understood that I was fine however I was. I let go, literally, and was free. It was quite nudist girls . Being nude where everyone was nude was natural but I soon I had a new challenge. Although nudity was tolerated everyone on the seashore, the most famous section was where nearly everyone wore bathing suits- toplessness was common but I saw only one fully nude person.
Besides that, it was quite packed. I had no option except to keep on going and I continued walking naked. Folks looked at me – I was likely the only nude person they had seen for a while – but I kept on going. It’s ackward being nude in front of others when they are not but I learned to deal with http://0371sex.com . When I finally reached my clothing, I was a nudist for life.

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as soon as I went back to my apartment with my buddies, male and female, I told them about my encounter. I told them overly how good it felt and asked if they minded if I went naked in our flat, they didn’t. Since then I spend as much of my time nude as possible and do not care whose looking.

I had an experience today that was new for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this occur to them?….

I had finished my work out, showered, disposed of my towel in a near by bind, and was walking back to my locker (naked, of course) to get dressed. As I turned the corner from the showers toward the lockers, a woman was standing in the walk way with a bathing suit and towel in her hand. “What are you really doing in here!?” she inquired. “I was about to ask you the same question” I answered. Both of us being shocked by seeing the other, I said, “This is the male locker room.” She responded, “Oh, my god, I am so sorry….I am in the wrong place!” “Please forgive my intrusion” she continued, as she followed me to my locker. As I was trying to get my locker opened, she continued to talk to me regarding the facility we were in. This went on for a good two minutes before another man walked in and, took a look, and pulled away behind a few other lockers. Finally, she said, “I apologize…it was great talking to you”…and left.

Now, while I was surprised to see her (and http://videonudism.com/suntan me), I stayed composed and nude (since I had nothing to cover with)
in our dialogue. She obviously somewhat appreciated this situation, since she didn’t immediately run to the door.

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Looking back on this, I’m somewhat surprised by her action. If this had happened in her locker room, I’m convinced that I ‘d have been thrown out or arrested!

When I was about 16 or 17, I began to become what everyone has been calling a ‘closet nudist’ i slept naked

, and walked around the home naked when my family was not around.
Although, not exceedingly public my first time being socially naked was after i graduated from high school. My group of friends, which included me, my girlfriend, and 4 or 5 other folks all crept into my neighbor’s hot tub when they were away. Since none of us had bathing suits, everybody went into the water with their knickers on, but since knickers can get quite uneasy wet, my girlfriends surprisingly took off her bra and panties and threw them aside, and with barely any words, the rest of us followed. We had a great time, laughing and playing around, not really even thinking about that for the majority of us, we hadnt seen our buddies naked.
My girlfriend and i talked about that encounter in the following weeks and determined that we actually appreciated it. So, in the end of june, my girlfriend’s parents took me with them to Nantucket for four or five days. We learned that Nantucket has a beach with a nude section (miacomet), so we decided to take that chance.

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On the second or third day, we split up from her parents, and we told them that we were going to walk around town while they went on a lengthy bike ride. We headed to the beach at approximately 9 in the morning so we could get a full day in there . When we got to the beach, we were a little dissapointed because there were only about 20 individuals (all at least topless) in the half mile region that we were in. So, we laid down towels near the rear of the beach, next to the dunes. Since we were both nervous, we decided that we would take off our clothes together. So we slowly took off our shirts, then our shorts, then our undergarments, also it felt amazing. The wind, the fresh atmosphere and everything. We loved it. we stayed there the whole day, doing everything, we rested, tanned, swam, met a nice elderly couple and had an amazing time. I never anticipated it would be quite so distinct from merely sleeping http://publicmania.com or not wearing underwear.
It has been 8 years since then, and my girlfriend and I ‘ve since married, living in boston, so there arent any nude beaches close. So, we made a goal to take 4 weekends out of the year to do some public nudist thing: beach, resort, camping, and others. We sleep bare every night, and walk round the home naked most days..

Before I start writing anything else and before I

discuss with you my story of my first nude beach experience, I think that I need to say a few things about the girlfriends I went with. These are my three best girlfriends that I’ve understood for years, ever since we started first grade. We remained great girlfriends all these years and every year (when we can afford it), we go for a vacation down to Mexico and check out a fresh location every year. It has been our little tradition for a few years now and we’ve had some crazy times south of the boundary. Nevertheless, this last year was actually something else. It was the very first time we went to a nudist beach and I merely have to discuss our experience.
We initially thought that it’d simply be another one of our trips, all four of us were actually psyched to go and we really wanted the holiday. Moreover, we chose to go somewhere where we could actually kick back and relax without having to bash all night long. We determined on http://x-nudists.com called Riviera Maya that’s just south of Cancun, but also just south enough to avoid all of the crowds that plague Cancun. When wreck beach nudes got there, it was like heaven. You know those shores with the insanely white sand and crystal clear waters that only tempt you to jump in without even checking in? Well, it was one of these areas. I really could recommend it to basically everyone.
And for a couple of days, everything was going as intended. We were relaxing on the beaches entire day long, went out for a couple drinks in the evenings and we were, if we are honest, being a dull bunch. In fact, it was becoming a bit too monotonous. I mean we were still in our 20ies and regardless of how exhausted you get over the course of the year, you do want some fun when you go on a vacation.

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That’s when one of my girlfriends, Tyra, said that there’s a beach where nudists go, something of a mixed shore at which it is possible to go either clothed or in the nude. This was something we never attempted before and we decided that it would be a good way to spice things up a bit. We also expected that there would be some guys there that we could take a look at in the nude. You never know, right?
The very first thing that we noticed when we got to the shore is that everyone was in their swimming suits, guys, women, everyone. We were a bit disappointed and we already believed that someone has misinformed us, maybe even as a prank, sending four girls to a “supposed” nudist beach and then laughing their heads off picturing us waltzing nude to a routine beach. As it turned out, this wasn’t true. The nudist part of the shore was a bit down the shore and we soon started seeing more and more people enjoying their day at the seashore in the nude. There were women in topless, women which were totally nude and even a few extremely hot guys all naked and showing off. One guy truly had something to show off if you know what I mean.
Then it hit us we were extremely self-conscious. Or at least three of us were. Tyra was naked before we could put our towels down and I can let you know that it turned out to be a glorious sight to see her in all her curvy good all bare and not worrying about a matter. I decided to give topless a go along with the graphic which I sent you is merely that. Tyra in the middle, all naked and without a care in the world. Me in topless and our two girlfriends with their backs to the camera, still not feeling adventurous enough.
The next day, nevertheless, we were all nude as the day we were born and I can let you know that it’s the best thing a girl can do. The independence is intoxicating as well as the sun feels so fantastic on the naked skin.

Meet my girl Vasiliska

Hi, my name is Britney and I’m lesbian. It will not really have anything to do with this particular story other than I was really ready for a girl like this. Her name is Vasiliska. She’s Russian. But I am getting ahead of myself. There is more to this story and I truly needed to share it with you. For one, this was the first time I ever went to a nudist beach, which is an experience in itself and this was also the day I met this gorgeous girl from Russia, so beautiful and so alluring that I never believed I’d meet anyone like that on holiday.
It was last year and this was the very first time I went to Europe. Me and a couple of my buddies went on a month long vacation visiting Spain, France and Italy. We were checking out some of the very delightful cities on the planet and also a number of the maximum beaches that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And it was amazing. It was a real great holiday meeting new folks, getting wasted around the location and so forth. If you should place a gun to my head and ask me which of the countries is the greatest and where we had the best time, I could not tell you. They were all great and we met so many amazing people that I simply could not give you one. Yet, there is something that happened in France that made it my favourite section of the excursion and that is the girl in this specific picture, Vasiliska.
We met at a tavern there, among the biggest places for young tourists and locals equally in Marseille which is http://nudism.name and wild town. She was there with some friends of hers as well, most of them Russians who studied in France and who were also on vacation. Let’s simply say that it proved to be a crazy night. And if there is anyone who knows how to party, then it is the Russians. I mean, these were all girls who were hardly legal, like my Vasiliska here, hardly 19 and already mad as hell, having the capability to drink gallons of booze without even becoming tipsy. When I met her, I understood she was something special and the following day I realized how special she is actually. Namely, that night, we concurred that the two of us, just the two of us are going to go to a beach together.
I met her the next day, still hungover like hell and she was looking like she just had the most refreshing night ever after a night in the opera. I’ll never have the capacity to comprehend those Russians. Regardless, she said that we were going to a nudist beach and I played it great. I said alright. I didn’t want to let her understand how nervous I was. And we went. It was a bit out of time, but she’d leased a car and we were there in less than an hour.
We got to the seashore and there were perhaps a dozen folks there, not more. They were mainly locals, a couple of families and two or three couples. It was quiet and it absolutely was intimate. And then Vasiliska took off her clothing. I was lost for words. First of all, she’d the most amazing skin I had seen in my life, so creamy and so fresh I almost came. She was also totally shaven and had the most delicious-looking pussy I’d seen to that point. And her boobs, they were just perfect. They were so supple and so perky that I only wanted to bury my head in them. But I managed to keep my cool. I asked her if I could take a photo of her and she said that I could. And that is the picture you’ll be able to see here. Oh yeah, she also had those nipple rings that I believed were just too tacky. Not on Vasiliska. She seemed so beautiful that I only feel in love with her there and then.

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How did I come to be a nudist? Well, this is kind of a difficult question because I don’t

know for sure whether I ‘m a nudist or not. However, the reality remains that I’m on my way. At least I ‘ve made my first, still uncertain, measures. It all began last summer when I first met Andrew. He suggested that we go to a secluded Long Island shore where to meet someone is an extremely rare chance. It was our strategy to bring along as many people as possible, but in the end there were just three of us coming: Andrew, me, and my friend Alice.
Alice and http://nudismgirls.com got everything prepared for the planned picnic: we purchased some food, put on new swimsuits, and took big bedding. Andrew was already waiting for us at the bus stop. Having been lectured on our tardiness, we got into the bus. There was a long way to really go bus and then a couple of miles to walk, so we began to lose our clothing, piece by piece, while we were still on our way. Andrew took off his T-shirt and used it to cover his head. Alice and I likewise took off our T shirts and walked on wearing our skirts and swimsuit tops.
We had been rather exhausted when we finally got to the public beach. But Andrew did not quit there. Rather he directed us on assuring to reveal us some fantastic place. We were walking along posh villas, the road was dusty as well as the heat was something dreadful. We were dying to dive into cool water and stretch on the bedclothes! When we’d covered another mile we eventually took a turn from the main road and walked in just one file along a narrow trail that wound its way between bushes and trees. Eventually we saw the glade we had been looking for! We disposed of what was left from our clothes and discarded our bags to the ground carelessly and made a decision to take a dip into the river. Cool and clean water made us feel alive again. Andrew and I were the first to come out of water.
‘What would you say if I took off my swimming trunks?’ – he requested. Then he continued: ‘I desire my suntan to be even’.
I’d not mind him doing so if it was not for Alice being around. I understood she’d be scandalized if he were to do this. But I didn’t object openly to the bloke. He stripped and lay on his stomach, exposing his butt to the sunrays. By the by, the colour of his butt did not differ from that of the remainder of his body. Terrified by Alice’s would be reaction, I was waiting for her to approach. Eventually I saw her coming out of the water serenely. When she came closer and saw Andrew, she appeared like she was hit by lightning, but she didn’t say a thing and triying hard to look like nothing had occurred, lay down beside us.
So, there we were sunbathing like that: Andrew was nude, while Alice and me had our swimsuits on. When Andrew thought that Alice was no longer embarrassed by his nudity, he got me aside, kissed and said ‘Take off all of your clothing’. Frankly speaking, I had been craving to take my swimsuit off and expose to the sun the lighter spots on my body. But in empathy with Alice I ‘d not done this. But now that we were divided from Alice by a wall of shrubbery, I really couldn’t fight the temptation if letting him yank off all the unneeded pieces of clothing from me. Afterward we lay on the grass and began playing cards. Andrew called Alice. We did not have to ask her twice, and presently she joined us.
‘Don’t be a coy, go ahead and take your swimsuit away! There isn’t any one about!’ – suggested Andrew, but she only shook http://tinynudism.com . I recognized that my own nudity was even more confusing for her than Andrew’s, but sweeping away the lame pangs of my conscience, I remained to be stripped to the bark. After a while we heard the sound of started engine and then an old Buick came into view. There emerged a couple of it – a man along with a woman. Having place all of their properties prepared to have a good time, they went straight to the water. They were certainly naked. Notwithstanding the fact which their bodies were, well, far from being perfect, they weren’t in the least put out by their nudity and were feeling quite natural. They lay on the beach to sunbathe when they appeared out of the water.
Then it was our turn to bathe. Andrew refused pointblank to put on his swimming trunks. As for me, I put on my swimsuit somewhat unwillingly, just for the sake of my empathy towards Alice. I’m not certain as for the couple’s reaction towards our emerging from behind the bushes, but Andrew was feeling quite relaxed. He was not even obstructed by fishermen fishing somewhere at a distance in their boats. When we came out of the water the Buick was already gone and we came back to our old place on the glade. Andrew took off my swimsuit from me without saying anything and wiped me with a bath towel. It was a fantastically blissful sensation to stand amidst flamboyant greenery nude loving the life giving sunrays. And although someplace deep in my heart I still felt the remains of my shyness, I was quite motivated to forget about it, not letting it get me down.
Andrew tried to do the same to Alice, to help her to fight her restraint, but she just rushed away in panic from him. After this he let her alone for a little while. Then our conversation streamed to discussing the ways of breast enlargement, and Alice started educating me some day-to-day breast enlargement exercise complex. To present the work of breast muscles, or perhaps because her desire finally beaten her shyness, Alice let her swimsuit slip to her waistline, and we began doing the exercises together. Andrew found us in this very spot, kneeling close to each other and doing some complicated exercises. Alice was very embarrassed and place the straps of her swimsuit top back on her shoulders.
It was getting late and it was time for us to begin packing our things and go back home, but we wanted to take still another dip before we leave. Andrew and I decided to do it nude. Holding hands with each other, when the water reached our waists we looked back and to our complete surprise we saw Alice standing by the water… totally bare!
Tired but happy and full of new impressions, we were getting back home. It absolutely was our first encounter of bathing nude outside, an unexpected and satisfying experience. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the summer to come to continue my friend with nature in its primordial form. Andrew and I want to proceed to the seaside. And I know for sure that we won’t need any ‘cloth’ pastime by the seaside anymore.

A few years ago on a hot July day I chose to skip a day off work and go as a day visitor to a nudist club near to where I was working.

I had signed in and was only getting my day bag out of the car when a young lady pulled up and asked me if this was the Croft club. I told her she was right and directed her to where she had to go and enroll. I went into the club and settled myself down to take pleasure in the day. Not long after this young lady walked past and we began to chew the fat. Shortening the storyline a little she brought her towel etc and sat beside me. We had an excellent time chatting away on all things nudist with more than one break to enjoy the lovely pool for a cool down.

Late into the day or possibly early evening I decided that I was going to pack up and head for home. I said that I was intending to leave but within half an hour I would be walking naked through the forest. It had become a routine thing with me that on my way home from work or the gym I’d stop off at this woods and take a walk in the nude. I always kept a pair of shorts wit me to cover up if I met anybody which I ‘d done more than once. On hearing that I would be taking a forest walk naked she said that she would like to join me but she wasn’t planning to leave till late evening when the heat had subsided as she didn’t have a/c in her auto. I told her that if she rearly needed to have a nude woods walk I’d drive her there and back in my car which has a/c. At this she taken, picked up her handbag as well as a tiny sarong and walked to the exit.
http://rohii.com got into the car nude and drove for about 40 minutes to the forest passing through a little town, stopping at traffic lights the works. Nobody noticed we were both naked. At the forest we parked up near another car, not in the standard car park. We got out of the vehicle and walked off up this trail into the forest. She had her small sarong and I ‘d my shorts for cover should we need it. We walked for at least half an hour and just as we were making our way back to the car we spotted a chap.

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He had definatly seen that we were naked so I said that there wasn’t point in hiding or for that matter covering up so we didn’t. We chatted to the chap for a few minutes and he walked back with us to where we and he had parked our cars.
There was a third car parked with us and while we were chatting standing by our cars we seen a couple on top of the path heading our way. Must be the couple from the 3rd car. We continued chatting to this chap Kath, the woman, and I nude the chap still dressed when out of the corner of my eye I spotted that this other couple were considerably closer and that they were both bare. When they got up to us they told us that they had been in the forest nude sunbathing most of the day and when they seen us both nude decided to continue there bare time.
We then made our good byes and got into the car still naked for the return journey to the club. The other couple decided to drive home bare as well.
So all in all I drove for over two hours bare follow . It was brilliant.

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