First time nudist stories 2

Nude in Oklahoma

22232099Some time ago my lovely wife and I were discussing what we’d want to do and I mentioned, “I wish we’d some property so we could run naked in the woods together”. She believed that it seemed like fun.

So we Googled nude and Oklahoma and located two spots inside an hour’s drive of us. We sent an email to both and got an extremely nice response from OakLake Trails near Depew.

After completing the paperwork we were off to our cottage. We disrobed, grabbed our towels and stepped outside for our first ever naked in public encounter. We chose to walk one of the trails to get comfortable. As we were returning down a road to our cottage we passed by some people clothe, I did not understand it was clothing optional.

I told my wife, “If you’d told me three weeks back I’d be walking down the road buck nude in front of folks I Had have said you were mad,” but there we were doing just that and it did not even feel strange.

On the way home my wife said, “that is the very first time that I felt comfortable in my own personal skin.”

How soon did we go back?

Nude at Big Sur

24360903LOL! Eventually, I concurred and he offered several destinations and I decided Big Sur.

Arriving early Friday for a long weekend, we pretty much had our selection of camp sites. My boyfriend decided the site and we headed around to set up camp. I ‘d always harbored a dream of being nude in an outside setting but never dreamed I was going to recognize my dream.
I really had no hint about setting up camp so largely observed until it was time to lift the tent. I was actually beginning to sense the temperature and since no one was around, eased my t shirt away and had my bikini top on. My boyfriend simply grinned and kept working.

As fast as the idea came to me…off came my top. Wow! What an amazing feeling! My BF said he adored seeing me topless but see for other campers or camp rangers! I laughed and shortly he ha dhis top away. I said sure. They did ask for some help by using their tent and my BF obliged. We had lunch as well as a beer and by this time I ‘m feeling around dressed with my short pants on…and only that fast I was down to my panties. We grabbed our towels and cooler and began to the shore when our neighbors requested us to wait for them as they’d never been there before and didn’t need to drift into the incorrect region and cause an issue about being topless.

In minutes, the 5 of us were headed down the route to the shore. We did pass a family coming up the avenue but they weren’t upset of 4 topless girls. When we arrived at the sand, there were several other couples in a variety of phases of dress on the shore. Two of our neighbors promptly lost their bikini bottoms and continued as though totally normal. I was so excited I didn’t see that my BF was also nude. On the shore, completely nude and feeling the finest feeling of independence. We girls put on the bottoms of our bikinis but never troubled with our tops.

My BF as well as our neighbors pretty much spent the weekend together and around camp, we’d our bottoms on and were topless until the nighttime atmosphere chill arrived. Naked on the beach Saturday and Sunday and it was about a 50/50 mixture of folks naked and clothed but there were no issues. I still have mixed feeling about the camping but the liberty of being completely nude ourdoors never loses its appeal. We also appreciate nudity at home.

Chino Hills, California
Nude at 12

20342237Much to my mom’s chagrin, I elected to jump PJ’s during the warm summer nights of my 12th year. Raised Catholic, nudity was frowned upon under any conditions. A swimsuit was standard dress in the backyard pool until one day I determined that swimsuits were nonessential and I wandered out to the pool fully naked. My father tried not to see but Mother promptly told me to get a suit on. I shrugged and spread my towel and laid down on the adjoining yard. I never felt uncomfortable or tense being naked. After Mother addressed my nudity and said it absolutely was no satisfactory particularly in mixed company. I paid no heed and the following day, my parents and aunt, uncle and cousins were all outside at the pool and once more, I wandered outside completely naked. About 30 minutes after, my 15 and 16 year old cousins casually removed their tops and astonishingly, nothing was said.

Here we were! 3 completely nude young ladies when my other cousin chosen to join us and lost his swimsuit. However nothing was said. Late in the day, we BBQ’d and we did set the undersides on while eating. After dark, we were nude again just this time,my aunt stood up and slipped off her sundress and panties and joined us in the pool.

Mother, not certain what to do or say, simply sat and watched. My aunt began to tease Mother and amid all our laughing, Mother stripped naked and jumped in the pool. Afterwards, father warmed the Jacuzzi and all of the grownups were enjoying a nude soak.

After everyone had gone home, Mother came into my room with merely a sarong wrapped around her waist and sat down on my bed. I’m certain that she thought I’d tease her but I acted as though I didn’t see her nude breast. She admitted that she respected me and was happy she finally understood her want to be nude.

as soon as I went away to school, we’d different pools for women and men. There were several other girls that were topless in the pool and I followed the first couple of times but eventually walked out of the showers naked one day. Shortly, a lot of the topless women were naked and after several weeks, it was pretty much bare for everyone. That was Berkley CA.

One day, a male student came in the women’s pool and stipped nude. He got a couple of stares but no one objected. We met there often and shortly started seeing each other socially. We were collectively through 4 years at Berkley and we’ve been happily married for nearly 15 years. We still go naked at Mother and Dad’s but have a lovely small house with a private lawn and we often amuse both our nude and textile buddies.

Ontario, California
My wife made me do it!

2034223730 years past wife and I were in the Caribbean at a private resort on a tiny isle. We’re early risers and walked to the end of the shore near our bungalo. Nobody was about and my wife took off her top and then challenged me to go skinny dipping. With the warm sunshine and sound of the surf I fell quickly asleep but felt safe with my wife on guard.

After I woke up to voices. Two women we met the night before at diner were speaking to my wife. Seemingly my wife had waved to them to join us but she didn’t awaken me. My wife had taken them and place them in her tote so she’d set me up. I was lying face down but was still quite uncomfortable with the specific situation.

The women, sisters, acted as nothing was incorrect and they sat down to chat. Eventually one said it was fine for my wife to request them to join us as they have not been on a clothing optional beach before and among the sisters asked my wife if it was ok to join me. Her more self-conscious sister did not. They women thanked me before I could say anything. My wife only grinned.

So the sisters got into the surf and I kept a considerable distance from them. Eventaully the self-conscious sister removed her suit also once she was in the water and was pleased until her more daring sister stole her suit and chucked it up onto the shore saying that now she’d need to walk out naked. Nobody needs to be forced into anything.

It was at that instant that I didn’t feel nude in any way. Soon after we all got out as well as returned to the towels where my wife was still reading. That’s when the sisters discovered I was a smoothie. They made a remark and my wife just said “I prefer him that way”.

I remained naked until we were prepared to return for brunch. It absolutely was her manner of challenging me. So I look down the shore and as there were just a couple of folks on the far end I said sure. With that the more daring sister chose to join me in the bare walk also, and so we went.

I was constantly naked, my wife never was, but on the final day the fearless sister determined to be a smoothie also! My wife still likes me to be naked round the home, but not her!

NYC, New York
Hot Springs

We only went to a clothes-optional hot springs in northern California. I ‘d never experienced societal nudity before, and I was extremely nervous.

The time came to step out into the public place, and as I did, a girl was there undressing. I asked where to place my bag, and she said she only leaves hers there by the bences. There I was, naked – in front of complete strangers.

About 5 minutes after, she arrived and joined me. It was amazing to stretch out in a bath of hot water with nothing on!

Shortly I needed to get out as well as cool off in the swimming pool, I grabbed my towel and put it “stratigeclly” over my shoulder and walked down to the pool place and jumped in. I ‘d not skinny dipped since youth, and I was immediately taken back to that time. This went on for around three hours. At about the thrid trip to the pool, I was not even taking my towel to cover up. It was odd – I did not even really notice that I was naked, or anyone else for that matter.

I am now hooked and certainly will return to this facility often. After just several hours, I felt so completly relaxed and rejuvinated. Hopefully my wife will shortly come to understand the freedom and relaxation that may happen when you shed your shell.

-Scott P

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