My first experience was had Hedonism 2, June 1999. I went with my girlfriend it was her first encounter additionally.

I am able to recall the first day, we spent a number of hours on the clothed side, attempting to get up the nerve to walk over to the bare side. So we chose to go over to get something to eat, since it was in between meal times….appeared like a great reason at the time.
Well anyway we walk over to the naked side, and I am standing at the counter, and I must have looked lost, I suppose I was a bit in a daze…so this nude girl walked right up and asked me if I needed any help….just as friendly as good be. It was rather a surprize at the time, she semmed soo comfy, simply chatting in the nude. So I did get a hamburger,and she helped me put my order!… and that interaction really helped us feel comfortable.
So we went over a sat on a few lounge chairs, and eventually peeled off our clothing… so we’re just laying there wondering what to do next. strove do dare each other, to get up and walk over to the frozen beverage machine. so we both took our turns doing that….WOW what fun it was the first time. Merely an electric feeling!
It did not take long to feel comfortable, because everyone was so friendly, we were simply loving the encounter. Now here is 2009, and I spend most of my holidays and nudism xxx , many weekends at nudist resorts. Sunnyrest, White Thorn Lodge, BAr-S-Ranch, Caliente, Lake Como, Gunnison Beach, Penn Sylvan, beach porno nudizm …all excellent locations.
It’s the folks that are the best part for me, I love the friendly feeling…everyone is your friend as well as a nudist resort. The folks are amazing.

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